How to Write a Brilliant Novel


*Formerly “From the Inside Out Workbook”

The easy, step-by-step workbook that teaches novelists how to plot, write and publish a powerful novel!

What does it take to write a brilliant novel?

Susan May Warren knows exactly how–and you're about to find out. She's coached hundreds of writers into publication, onto best-seller lists, and onto the awards platforms. (And she lives what she teaches. Susan is the bestselling author of over 50 novels, has won the Rita, the Christy, and the Carol awards multiple times.) Now, for the first time, she's revealing her step-by-step storycrafting secrets that will show you how to discover, create, and publish the brilliant novel inside you.

Susan's techniques are proven methods that will show you:

  • Exactly how bestselling novels are designed
  • How to create compelling characters
  • How to construct tension-filled scenes. . .that keep readers devouring pages
  • How to build sizzling dialogue
  • How to develop riveting plots that keep readers guessing
  • And once you're finished, how to sell your novel

You CAN Write a Brilliant Novel!

“ A quirky, fun, practical guide from a writer who knows what she’s doing.” — James Scott Bell, bestselling author of Write Great Fiction: Plot & Structure.

How to Write a Brilliant Novel unlocks the process of Novel writing and makes it understandable for any writer.  A practical step-by-step guide that feels more like sitting down with a cup of coffee with a friend and talking out a novel. How to Write a Brilliant Novel takes the intimidation out of writing a novel and leaves only the excitement of seeing a dream realized.  The book to buy before you start writing, it’s a must have for any novelist's bookshelf!  Ellen Tarver, editor,

“If word of mouth sells, Susie May Warren will be swamped. Since working with her I’ve told author friends non-stop about Book Therapy. Passionate. Funny. And knock-down-drag-out brilliant at launching my writing to another stratosphere.”  Jim Rubart, best-selling, Christy-award wining author of Rooms

Writing my novel was like traveling in a foreign land without a map. I’d see beautiful things and meet great people, but never get to my destination. Now I have the map I need. Learning the craft of structure was extremely important for me, freeing precious time to spend on character development and storyworld.  Aspiring novelist J.Matuska

What can feel like an overwhelming endeavor became a step by step process that helps a seat-of-the pantser like me stay on track. K. Buckner, 2014 Maggie award winner



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Have you always wanted to write a novel, but didn’t know where to start?
This book is for you. With proven techniques, easy to understand explanations and practical steps, How to Write a Brilliant Novel will teach you how a story is structured then take you through the process of creating and marketing your novel.

Topics include:

  • Character-driven plotting
  • How to HOOK your reader
  • The elements and flow of SCENES
  • How to build STORYWORLD
  • Secrets to Sizzling Dialogue
  • Proven Self-Editing techniques
  • Synopsis and Query letter writing
  • How to manage your writing career
  • …and everything in between!

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