The Book Buddy Workbook


If you’ve plotted your book with How to Write a Brilliant Novel (formerly From the Inside-Out:discover, create and publish the novel in you), then you have all the elements of a solid plot. And, if you’ve read through Deep and Wide, Advanced Fiction Techniques, then you have amazing moments in your book, like the one where your villain becomes Unbeatable. Or the scene where one of your Secondary Characters does exactly what the hero was about to do in a fit of Passion. Or finally, the poignant scene where your hero does that one thing that he thought he’d never do.

Keeping track of all these scenes can be overwhelming.  That’s why I created a Book Buddy, and why I’m sharing my book buddy with you. The Book Buddy puts feet to all the steps needed to create a powerful book, guiding you through character creation, plotting the inner and outer journey, creating essential scenes, and wordpainting.

With step by step helps and focused prompts, it helps you craft the perfect black moment, and pushes you on all the way to the climatic ending.

You CAN write a Brilliant Novel!





How do you use a Book Buddy?

A great book takes hours of thought in every season of the manuscript–from the discovery phase, right through to the proposal and pitch.

Important, treasured thoughts.  Thoughts that wake you up in the middle of the night, thoughts that dog you on your run, and thoughts that bubble out while you’re cooking dinner.

Thoughts you can’t lose.

More than that, with every step of the journey, you will discover new things about your characters that are essential to build into your story.  But, if you were to stop writing every time you had such marvelous thoughts, you’d never get the book done!

What you need is . . . a manuscript companion.

Or . . . how about Book Buddy?

You know . . . a beautiful notebook to take with you on your journey that collects your thoughts and puts them into one accessible place.  It’s the notebook where you build your characters, add in all those story and plot elements that make a book a bestseller, and then keep beside you as you write – or do the dishes, or keep by your bedside–to capture those amazing, fleeting, but oh-so-essential thoughts.

Think of the Book Buddy as that friend you talk to (instead of yourself) as you’re pondering out your story.

The friend that listens.  And remembers.

And joins you in the journey.

Before you start writing, sit down with your Buddy and work through your story.  He’ll ask you the right questions, and help you keep your framework straight and solid.  Then, keep him around to remind you how to start your chapters and continue to the end.  Finally, return to his questions to help you build a solid synopsis, premise, and query letter.

Oh! And don’t forget to buy your Buddy some chocolate occasionally.  He likes that.



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