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The Online Storycrafter’s Course is an 8-module, 40 lesson course that course equips you to write your novel at your pace. You’ll start with an idea…and end with a completed novel.

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If you want to write a novel, the Online Storycrafter Program will teach you how.


More – we’ll walk you through every step…from idea to “The End.”

We all have goals, right? Dreams, desires, hopes that have been niggling at us for years. For aspiring authors, it’s the dream of writing a novel.

I remember the day I decided to write a novel. I was in Siberia, in the middle of a solemn, icy winter. I had four children, all under the age of six, and my husband was gone, again, planting a church. I had read everything in the house at least twice, and I decided that my imagination could do at least as well as one of the books I’d devoured in a day. (Boy, did I have much to learn!) I sat down at the computer and said, “I’m writing a book.”

That’s about as far as I got. Once I sat down and stared at the computer, I had no idea how a book was put together. Where did I start? How did I develop characters? What was my point? And most importantly: How did I get the story from my brain to the computer and into print?

It took me a year of writing, first on Saturdays, and then every day, to finish my first book. To all who think that I then ran out and found a publisher—not! Four books later . . . .

What I learned through that first novel was:

  • Writing a good novel was harder than I thought, and I needed a lot of work.
  • I love to write, and was willing to make the journey, whatever it took.
  • Even if I never got published, writing a book, in itself, was a goal most people never accomplish.  But I would.

A writer’s life is solitary, hard work, fraught with rejection, frustration, and even envy. But, if you look at the journey as another way that you will grow and experience your world, then it’s a journey that is ripe with rewards.

Because it’s a journey that is often trekked alone, it can get confusing and overwhelming. Too many authors simply give up.

When I first started writing, I was in Siberia. As in Russia. Alone. Just me, some novels, and my imagination. I wished I had a friend, even a guide, someone to help me make sense of and to apply all the information I was learning to my novel, someone I could address my questions to, someone who would give me valuable feedback, and occasionally someone to give me a pep talk when I was running out of steam. Most of all, I wished for someone who cared whether my dream of publishing came through.

This is why I created the Online Storycrafter’s Coaching Program. I’ve taken everything I’ve learned about writing a novel and put it all into 40 lessons to take you from idea to publication. And, with each lesson, you have an opportunity to ask questions, get the guidance and coaching you need to apply the lessons to YOUR story.

There are three steps to your journey as you participate in the 40 lesson Online Storycrafter program: 

Step 1: Discovering the story you want to write. At your own pace, the first fourteen lessons will assist you in learning how to create a story, step by step. As you complete each lesson, you’ll be challenged with “homework” to apply the lesson and grow your novel.

Step 2: Creating the story, scene by scene. In this nineteen-lesson phase, we’ll teach you the difference between the kind of scenes in a novel, as well as all the elements that go into a novel. We’ll break down the novel writing process into bite-size lessons to help you craft your scene piece by piece until you finally create your first scene.

Step 3: Getting your story ready for publication. In the last seven lessons, you’ll learn how to edit your story and prepare a proposal, including your pitch that will enable you to sell your novel. You’ll end the Storycrafter Program with a set of goals and self-developed game plan that will jump start you into finishing your novel.

The lessons can be completed at your own pace, although you’ll have access to ALL the lessons immediately, so you can move as quickly, or leisurely through the program as you’d like. However, if you spend one hour a day reading and doing the exercises at the end of each lesson, you’ll slowly create that novel stirring in your heart (or head).

You’ll see your story grow from an idea…to on the page.



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About the Program  

Step-by-step Lessons on how to write a novel, ~ A dedicated coach ~ A supportive writing network.

MBT is excited to present our premier, private Storycrafter’s retreat in an online coaching format.

It’s an 8 module, 40 step roadmap to discovering, creating and publishing the novel in you.

Most of all, it’s in-depth teaching of my method by me, award-winning, best-selling author, Susie May Warren. I’ve written over 40 novels, in nearly genre and I’ve been teaching people how to write for nearly a decade. Many of my authors have landed on the best-seller list and won awards. I love to coach people on their journey and I have put together a program to help you get published.  Presented in both audio format for your consumption on your ipod, mp3 device or your computer, and pdfs., it is available online or  you can download it into your computer and keep it forever. In other words, you consume on your terms, at your pace.  

We’ll cover:

  • Writer’s Life Training-Finding the time and creating discipline to write
  • The theme and Story Question of your book that will make your book worth reading
  • The Basic Plot
  • Plotting the inner journey.
  • Creating the Perfect Hero
  • Create the Perfect Heroine
  • Crafting Your Premise in Six Easy Steps!
  • The Whens, Whys and Hows of Your Inciting Incident
  • The Six Elements to Crafting your First Scene!
  • Putting It All Together: Tell yourself the Story
  • How to make a SCENE!
  • Build the elements of an Action and ReAction scene
  • Scene Flow and Point-of-View
  • Storyworld
  • The Scene Hook
  • Creating Scene Tension
  • Hero/Heroine Identification – helping your reader relate
  • Writing Emotions
  • Starting your scene in the right place
  • Let’s Talk: Dialogue!
  • How to Handle Internal Monologue
  • How to Show and not Tell
  • Editing Your Scene
  • Putting It All Together: Writing the Synopsis
  • Crafting Your PITCH
  • Create your Pitch Sheet.
  • Build Your Query Letter
  • Understanding Sample Chapters
  • Extra! Planning Your Writing Career
  • And much more!

My Book Therapy has a proven method for teaching novelists how to write their story, and with this course, it’s like having a writing coach sitting beside you, cheering you on and guiding you in the journey. 

What  to expect:

I don’t have time to read a book or sit in front of my computer watching a video. Listen, we know how busy life is, and for a novelist who already has a full plate with life – family, another job, friends, volunteer jobs; a storycrafter has to be able to consume lessons that their pace, in a way that fits their lifestyle.  Every lesson is offered in Mp3 and print format – download it onto your kindle, your MP3 player, your computer and learn anywhere you have time.  

Will this work?  Yes.  The Storycrafter’s Program is a proven method for creating a powerful story. I use it to create my award-winning, best-selling stories.  More, I’ve broken down each step into an easy-to-understand but revolutionary system that will unravel the mystery of writing a novel and give step by step detailed instructions on how to build your own novel. No mindless exercises – every lesson, every activity is designed for you to write your novel as you progress.  If you are willing to put in the work, you will finish your novel.

Am I in this alone? Nope.  MBT is all about coming alongside a novelist – as much or as little as you want. Our premier Novel Coaching program is hands-on and focused. We want you to succeed!  Every Module has a link to a “Submit a question” Box that links you to your Coach.  Which means you get a direct line to someone who is dedicated to your success.

What is different about the Storycrafter’s Program than any other? It works.  And, it’s easy to understand – no big charts, no long lists, no conflicting information about what to put into your story.  Easy pieces of the puzzle that fit together – you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to write a novel when you have the right pieces.

You’ll love this program so much that you’ll find your creativity brimming and you’ll be calling your novelist friends to join in on the journey with you.  Because it’s not just about this book…but the next one. And the one after that.

What people are saying:

I have taken other fiction writing workshops before, but Susan’s acronyms and explanations made it click this time. Susan covered the basics (and then some) in a fun and engaging way. And I can apply this knowledge to my project immediately. I’m confident I can write my novel now without overlooking any aspect of plot, characters or scenes. ~ M. C. Scott ( and

Susan May Warren’s class is an incredible experience which I would definitely suggest to any unpublished writers looking to get published or for beginning authors wanted to learn how to write a novel. ~ C. Fontenelle

Learning the craft of writing occurs at many different levels.  Susan holds the hand of the beginning writer, explains the craft, helps him/her visualize the craft in movies and books, and most importantly, points it out in the writing of the participant.  ~ R. Schmeckpeper

I’m a committed caring college teacher, but the degree of personal attention/help personally invested in each attendee is remarkable and unequalled. It is nurturing and inspiring, and accomplishes a great deal. ~ D. Topliff

Do you want to be a Novelist?  This program will teach you how.   Let’s get started!