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How do you GET Published…and STAY Published?


1. By learning how to craft an amazing novel.

2. By editing yourself into publication

3. By creating a powerful proposal and selling your novel.

4. By staying ON TOP of the Industry, marketing your novel and building a career.

Are you ready to Build a Writing Career? Then our MBT*Live PRO level* is for you!  

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James headshot 8 '13“If word of mouth sells, Susie May Warren will be swamped. Passionate. Funny. And knock-down-drag-out brilliant at launching my writing to another stratosphere.”

~Best-selling author, James L. Rubart

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Are you ready to Sell your Novel (and Get Published!)

Upgrade your MBT*Live Membership with our Pro Package

You’ve worked too hard to quit now – It’s time to write your Novel Proposal! Your story is nearly ready, but now it’s time to sell your novel. Learn the steps to creating a powerful proposal, secrets to pitching, the key elements to your marketing plan, a social media primer and how to create rabid reader fans. The toolkit for the career novelist. It’s time to ignite your career!

THEN…go deeper and learn how to STAY published by building your fanatic fan base, connecting with social media and learning how to set up your business.

Add-ons for the PRO program include:

  • Building the 500 word synopsis
  • How to Build a Fan Base
  • Fan Base Building Blueprint
  • Marketing vs. PR
  • How to Write a 500 Word Synopsis
  • 10 Pitching Tips
  • Escape the Strangling Synopsis
  • Common Mistakes of First-Time Authors

Still to come:

  • 10 Tips to having a fantastic Writing conference
  • The Difference between a Storyquestion and a Premise
  • Follow My Launch
  • And MUCH more!