Is there a Writer in You? – Complimentary Sample of OSP Package

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Simple strategies can mean long-term change…and success.  But what are these simple things you can incorporate into your life THIS YEAR to give you the success you hope for?

In this one-hour video, best-selling, award winning author, Susan May Warren, talks with another best-selling, award-winning author, Jim Rubart about small strategies that can lead to life-changing success.  (and, don't miss our cameo appearance by Social Media guru, Thomas Umsttadt!)

An encouraging video to help jumpstart your motivation – and help you have an amazing year!

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*This video is available free to our Premium Members in their membership

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Is there a writer in you? In this introductory Online Storycrafter’s lesson, we are going to explore the five key areas of a writer’s life to measure whether you are ready for this journey.

  • 5 Key Questions that stand between you and publication
  • How to search inside yourself to discover the story or article you want to write
  • How to find time and space to write
  • How to get started on the writing process
  • What to do next…

When you are finished, you will know whether you are ready to jump into the Online Storycrafter’s Program. Stick around for a Roadmap at the end to help you get started…And…a bonus offer to help you write the novel you’ve always wanted to write! Available as Mp3, Mp4 download *Enjoy this complimentary sample of the Online Storycrafter’s Package