Deep Woods Writing Camp

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October 14-21, North Woods, Minnesota!

Are you struggling to find a time to write?

Are you in the middle of a book, and not sure where to go next?

Are you starting a book and need help brainstorming?

Would you like help with your wordsmithing?

Maybe you’d simply like someone who will read your work and give you honest, constructive feedback. Someone who’s knows what they’re doing. Who’s been in the industry publishing award-winning books for years.

Or you just need to get away, find some space and time to write, be inspired by other writers, be given some feedback to break through to a new place in your writing life.

If so, it’s time to come to camp.

Deep Woods Writing Camp is an intimate, writing-focused get away in the north woods of Minnesota. Your camp counselor is RITA and Christy award-winning, USA Today best-selling, multi-published author Susan May Warren.

(more details below! Variable pricing above includes camp fee and food costs, breakfast, lunch and dinners at the lodge, and bed selection. Transportation costs add-on/optional.)

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When I was just starting to write, I was writing in the wasteland of Siberia. I was alone, I didn’t have any feedback, and I was struggling to know if my stories and my words worked. I had four small children, so I struggled with time to write. What I would have given for a week of on interrupted writing time. A time where I could sneak away and write the stories that were in my head. But I also needed feedback. I would’ve loved to have a coach—someone who would come alongside me, read my scene, give me feedback immediately, and then let me apply it. I would have loved to have someone who would brainstorm a scene with me, and help me understand where my characters were going, maybe how to create scene tension, and encouraged me with tool to write the story that’s inside me.

I would’ve loved to go to a writing camp.

I’ve long dreamed of having such a camp in my own backyard, but only recently was able to figure out a time and a place to do this. I love mentoring writers. Over the past 10 years I’ve mentored hundreds of writers, many of them into multi-publication, bestseller lists, and awards. My greatest joy is to see another writer’s story come to life on the page.

I would love to invest in you and your dream. That is why I created Deep Woods Writing Camp. A week away in the north woods of Minnesota to write.

Here’s what your week looks like!

On Friday night you pack and you tell your family that you be gone for the week. Although you will have internet, you set your email on auto respond so that everyone in your life knows that you’re going to be away. You pack some comfy clothes because you’re not worried about what you’re going to look like—you’re there to write. Sure, maybe you grab a sweater because you’ll be in the woods but any blankets you’ll need will be provided.

Saturday morning you go to the airport, hop on a plane and arrive in Minneapolis by 2:00pm.  You’re met there by the Deep Woods chauffeur, along with five other amazing writers. You settle in for the beautiful and comfy ride to camp, 5 hours north in Grand Marais, MN.

You’ll make plenty of pit-stops along the way, including a dinner stop in Duluth, along beautiful Canal Park, and arrive at camp—a six bedroom house tucked away deep in the northern Minnesota woods–around 8 pm. Waiting for you is a comfy spa mattress bed. Your own little writing space.

After you settle in, you’ll sit under the stars and talk about your story, listen to other’s stories and begin to understand the power of group brainstorming. With the smell of the pine trees, the stir of the wind in the maple and oak trees, the clutter of your everyday life falls away and you start to hear your story rise from inside. The stir to write tingles your fingertips and you can’t wait to get started.

You go to bed excited, thinking of story, ready to write.

Sunday morning starts with an inspirational chat, and it motivates you about the WHY behind your writing dreams.  Then, we get serious and talk about the parts of your stories that you struggle with, and as a group we talk about the things that we would like to learn together. Of course, you’re going to get one and on time with me. I’ll read your scenes, synopsis, help you draft new scenes, and if you need help brainstorming your entire book, we’re on it!

In between these coaching moments, you’ll write. As you run into problem, you’ll hang out in the kitchen or other community writing spaces where the other writers and I are hanging out. We’ll address your problems, help you solve them and you go back to writing.

You grab food when you need it. Of course, breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided. But it’s very casual and there’s no rules. At night after you’ve completed your word count, you sit by the fire outside or perhaps you watch a movie in the theater and we discuss movies and story.

Perhaps you need time to just think—so you take a walk, or sit on the deck and stare at the beautiful stars that are now so visible in the northern skyline you could pull them from the heavens. Maybe you stay up late and you decide to write by the fire. Or, you simply sit and talk with me and other writers about your dreams and your story, and we talk about your career, offer you a plan.

Of course, because we are in the beautiful town of Grand Marais, we will take a few optional trips to town. You’ll walk the pebbled beach. Eat at one of the gourmet restaurants. Do a little bit of shopping because we need to remember those back home (briefly). And maybe even take part in some other artsy crafty events just to loosen up the other corners of our mind.

But then it’s back to writing, brainstorming, hanging out with friends, solving your problems, and getting your amazing story on the page.

You’ll take breaks to attend sessions if you want. Sessions on scene tension, character building, career building ideas, maybe a brainstorming session. Each writing camp week will look different according to the needs of the group. According to your needs.

At the end of every day will talk about our victories and achievements. You’ll be empowered by what you’ve accomplished. And you be excited about what you’re going to do tomorrow.

On Friday night, our last night, will have a celebratory dinner. Maybe we’ll going to town, maybe will stay at camp. Maybe we’ll just go down to the beach and have a campfire. We’ll talk about our dreams and our futures and what we plan to do next. It’ll be a time of inspiration and encouragement.

Of re-commitment to the calling to be writers.

We’ll leave early the next morning, 6:00 am to get you back to the airport by your after 2:00 pm flight. You’ll be home with your family by that evening. Back to your life.

But changed. Because you’ll see that you can write that amazing story that’s inside of you.

Deep Woods Writing Camp is an intimate, writing-focused get away in the north woods of Minnesota. Your camp counselor is RITA and Christy award-winning, USA Today best-selling, multi-published author Susan May Warren.

If you’ve never written before, there will be prerequisites. If you are a seasoned author, that’s awesome! Will help you plan your career, brainstorm, or just leave you alone to pump out those words.

Come with a story idea, with the plan to write.

Come with a story in progress, with the plan to write.

Come with a story you’re editing, with a plan to write.

But plan to be empowered. Changed. Invested in.


It’s time to come to camp!


Some details for your planning needs!


We offer one time, two-month, or three-month payment plans. We have one queen bed private room, one twin bed private room, and to twin bed shared rooms. All bathrooms are shared. Women only, sorry guys.


The food plan is a basic food plan. No gluten-free or sugar-free options. However we will try to accommodate needs. If you have extra food that you want to bring to accommodate your particular food needs, feel free to bring it along. Most of our meals will be salads, easy foods on the grill, and foods that are easily customized to be gluten-free, and sugar-free.

If you snore, please select a private bedroom. We do not have overflow sleeping arrangements, so if you snore that will be a hardship for your partner. On the flipside, if you are a light sleeper and need a private room, please choose that. We will provide earplugs in case we have any inadvertent snorers! (No one will be kicked out or made to sleep outside with the Bears.)

Limit to six attendees.