2018 My Book Therapy Dream Keeper and Planner

2018 My Book Therapy Dream Keeper and Planner

Dream. Plan. Do. Have a brilliant writing career in 2018!

The My Book Therapy Dream Keeper 2018. Classy, Pretty, Motivational—the place to create your vision, stay motivated, ignite your writing, improve productivity, live with joy and get it all done.
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About the Book

Dream, Plan and Do all in one amazing planner.

For the writer and authorpreneur who wants to create a brilliant life and impactful career.

A note from the creator, Susan May Warren: Just like you, I’m a busy person. I run three businesses, have four children, volunteer in my church, nurture a successful marriage, speak and teach around the world, attempt to eat right, exercise daily, take care of my mind and strive to live a life that impacts the world for good.

For years, I struggled to find the right planner—one built for the creative mind, the spiritual person, an entrepreneur and writer and a busy get-it-all-done woman. I usually ended up with four planners—a journal for my inner life, a wall calendar for the family activities, a business planner for my marketing and speaking events and a writing journal where I could capture my brainstorming. I had to lug them all around in a big bag.

Not anymore. Working with a talented artist who understood the needs of a creator, I synthesized the organization of a seasoned CEO, the motivation and self-analysis of a life and business coach, the daily habits of a wife and mother, and the brainstorming techniques of a career novelist.

Organizing them into logical (and pretty) logs, I put together what I consider the perfect planner for a career novelist/authorpreneur.  Someone who wants their whole life in one, well, big book.  One fabulous place to keep track of everything. And, the really cool part is that this feels like a book, with the interior and cover set up like a novel. Because it’s the story of your life.

The My Book Therapy Dream Keeper 2018.
Classy, Pretty, Motivational—the place to create your vision, stay motivated, ignite your writing, improve productivity, live with joy and get it all done.


  • Jumpstart your Year with analysis and planning to discover the most lucrative and joy-driven projects, a place for reflecting, dreaming big and following your passions.
  • Plan for Success with the Brainstorming and Project Boards to hone your ideas and create actionable projects. Quarterly and 90-day task sheets help you break them into energizing and goal-crushing tasks.
  • Make it Happen with the Month-at-a-Glance and weekly planners. You’ll see your projects take form.
  • Put Action to your Task List with the Daily Logs, a week-at-a-glance planner that incorporates not only your big projects but daily habits, menus and exercise/life activities.
  • Stay Motivated with the daily inspiration section and motivational quotes in the back.
  • Analyze and plan for the next amazing month with the month-end analysis.
  • Finish your year with a review and a plan for the next.

You’ll be amazed with the brilliant year you had.

And, don’t forget the BONUS Section in the back. Brainstorming and plotting sheets for three books, including an indie-book project sheet to track your deadlines and finances!

This is more than a planner, it’s a keeper of your dreams. Because your story—the one you live and the one you create—matters.

8.5×11, matte cover, paperback. 490 pages (yes, it’s big, but so is your life.)

Genre: Writing
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: My Book Therapy
Publication Year: 2018
Format: Paperback
Length: 490 pages
ASIN: 1943935343
ISBN: 9781943935345
List Price: 29.99
eBook Price: 19.99
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