Act 2: Jumping back into the suspense!

Yesterday, I addressed Scene Flow, and how in a romance scene, you might decide to develop it a bit more, making it longer.  In a suspense, sometimes it’s nice to develop that before you jumpstart the action again.

Today, we’re going to jump back into the suspense, drawing that element forward.


Just to make sure I’m on the right track, I want to go back to my synopsis.  It’s still my roadmap, even though I’ve been taking a few day trips…

Luke wants his sister, who is a giant MacKenzie Grace fan to meet her, and the dinner out at the roadhouse seemed to go without a hitch…maybe no one will recognize her.  But what Luke doesn’t know is that someone has recognized Kenzie – the reporter from the Nashville paper, and she’s hanging around town to get the inside scoop.

A scoop she plans on selling to a national gossip magazine – MacKenzie Grace, hiding from her fans, in torrid love affair with man accused of being a fraud.

While buying Kenzie ice cream, Luke sees the reporter…and intercepts her.  Unfortunately, she is the snake Kenzie predicted…she’ll trade the truth about Kenzie for an exclusive from Luke.

Kenzie revels in the feeling of being a normal person, instead of a celebrity, diving into the simple pleasures of backyard barbeque, and playing croquet.  Maybe this is what she really wants – a home, a family…a man like Luke, who seems to enjoy her company…without the trappings of what her fame and money can bring to him.  He seems to care for her – Kenzie Grace Guinn, the girl who grew up in a trailer in the backhills of North Carolina.  The girl she’s nearly forgotten, and is starting to discover again.   If only she could hide here forever.

Okay, so I’m on the right track. Continue reading “Act 2: Jumping back into the suspense!”

Act 2: Scene Flow..Suspense and Romance, what’s the difference?

Sceneflow:  the difference between a suspense scene and  a romance scene?

If you read the last two weeks of posts and chapters about Limelight, you’ll notice that I took a bit more time in those chapters to develop the romance. (Read Chapter 5 & 6 Here Chapter 5 Luke  Chapter 6 Kenzie)  I could have split those chapters into shorter scenes/segments, but I wanted to really cement the romance between them before I launched more into the suspense.  Note they were longer chapters– as the book starts to move faster, I’ll have shorter chapters, or perhaps two or three shorter scenes in a chapter.

So, now that I’ve given them their first kiss, we’re about half-way through the story. (For the purposes of teaching, I’m keeping this novella at 12 chapters – about25K).  I’m going to let the suspense plot take over for a bit here until we’re ready to move into our next kiss.

But first, let’s start with our chapter momentum interview.  Since we ended in Kenzie’s POV, I’m going to let Luke do the talking next. Continue reading “Act 2: Scene Flow..Suspense and Romance, what’s the difference?”