Act 2: Let’s build the Romance!

In the last  chapter I posted, I dipped into a developed, romantic scene with Luke. [Chapter 4 Makenzie scene.] I’m  going to turn my attention to Kenzie.  Although we’re focusing on suspense this year on the blog, this is a romantic suspense, so occasionally during the story I need to slow it down and  allow the romance to take over ever so briefly. During these forays into the romance, I need to make sure I’m utilizing  my opportunity, because I don’t have a lot of time – I’ll need to cut back to
the suspense soon.

Therefore, I’ll  be looking toward building in some of those essential elements of a romance,  building like values, physical attraction, and the sense that they either  complete each other or make each other into better people. For more on those  essential Whys, here’s a recap:

Why do people  fall in love?

3 Reasons:

1.       They  complete each other

2.      They  make them better people

3.      They understand each other.

How do you develop these elements?

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