Giving Thanks – The MBT Voices Ezine hits the stands!

A year ago, right now, I was flat on my back in bed, in terrible, unabating pain.

I had slipped a disk in my neck while shoveling and within hours was in the fetal position. I stayed that way for three weeks, and I am still in weekly therapy to maintain healing. I remember, at one point of too many sleepless nights, just weeping with fatigue and crying out to the Lord for relief. It was then I remembered the testimony of a fellow author who had struggled with devastating life-altering pain and how she coped with it.

She praised God. I’ll never forget her words as she told me how she turned her eyes upward in her darkest hour, and despite the absence of any relief before her, she simply praised God, thanking Him also for her blessings. That testimony met me in my dark hour, and I too turned my tears to praise and gratitude.

It changed everything. For her, and also for me. Suddenly my eyes were off my present trials, and on the overwhelming hope I had and on the fact that God’s grace is sufficient if I’m willing to hold out my hands. The pain didn’t instantly abate, but, miraculously, I was able to sleep. Most of all, the anguish of frustration and helplessness left me as I put my hope in the One who could save me. Praise and gratitude healed me.

I also gradually got better physically. And God provided every word as I labored to catch up in my deadlines, as well as needed strength as I fought to heal.

Since that moment, when my life feels overwhelming and dark, I’ve tried to create a habit for giving thanks, for praise. It instantly changes my perspective and shines light into my circumstances. That’s why I love the theme of this e-zine: Gifts of Gratitude. Every article is meant to point us toward that position of a new perspective through giving thanks.

The current issue of the MBT e-zine just came out – and I love it because it’s not so long that I can’t consume it in one sitting. We’ve specially designed it that way for busy writers. So, get a cup of cocoa and I encourage you to sit down and spend thirty minutes enjoying the delicious articles of our last e-zine of 2011. Everything, from Rachel Hauck’s article on Gifts of Gratitude, to Edie Melson’s article on using your Grandmother’s Rules for Social Media Etiquette to our Retreat Hostess Alena Taurainian’s delicious recipes (and exercise!) will bless you. Don’t miss the review of the Pizza Party by our resident humorist Melissa Tagg (and read her Finding your Funny article, too!), the excellent interview with Love Inspired Editor Tina James, the list of books by MBT Authors now out, the Shout-Outs about our excellent Voices, and the much-needed encouragement by Dr. Reba J. Hoffman, our resident Member Care Coach. You’ll also meet this year’s Frasier Winner, Andrea Nell, and much, much more! A fabulous issue during a time of year when we all need to take a moment out of our hectic lives to give thanks.

Read it HERE:

Susie MayThank you, Lisa Jordan, Editor, and her crew, for the blessing of this issue.
I’m very grateful.

Susie May Warren
Founder, My Book Therapy