Crazy Reindeer Specials from My Book Therapy!

Santa’s Reindeer have taken over My Book Therapy!
It finally happened.
The Reindeer have had it with Santa getting all the glory. We all knew the inevitability of the revolt after Dasher demanded his own Sugar Cookie break over Finland. And then Vixen said she absolutely, “wouldn’t fly over Prague without a mint-hot cocoa.”

The source of their discontent?  Santa’s sack of goodies.

“We’re the ones pulling the sleigh.  Why does he get to distribute all the gifts?”  Prancer said on the eve of the takeover.

The Reindeer assumed control of the MBT Warehouse during Thanksgiving, sneaking in under cover of night, cloaked as Moose.  (“After all, people confuse us all the time,” Comet said in an cell-phone conversation from inside the MBT HQ)

And now, they’re offering MBT Bundles of Reindeer Specials at CRAZY prices.


And giving away FREE STUFF! 

With these kinds of deals, it’s clear the Reindeer have lost their minds!

But, until MBT re-assumes control of inventory, it’s your chance to take advantage of these Crazy Reindeer Specials for Writers.

The culprits and their bundle offers are listed below…

(and Visit the MBT Marketplace to catch all their latest craziness!)

 The Beginning Novelist’s Starter Kit!

  • Inside-Out: Discover, Create and Publish the Novel in You
  • Book Buddy: Your Manuscript Companion
  • The BIG 10: The essential elements to your First Chapter*

Regularly: $52.00
Starting at: 27.99* (PDF price)

Get your Story Prancing with this Basics and Beyond Kit for Novelists!

  • Inside-Out: Discover, Create and Publish the Novel in you.
  • Deep and Wide: Advanced Fiction Techniques
  • The Book Buddy:  Your Manuscript Companion
  • FREE BONUS! 7 Secrets to Deepening your Character!

Get everything you need to go from idea to finished book, and beyond!


Regularly $76.99

Starting at $44.99* (PDF price)

 Do you want to write a romance?  This is where you start! Learn how to write a powerful Romance (or Romance THREAD)

  • Kiss and Tell: How to write a Romance (worktext)
  • 2 Part BONUS VIDEOs:  Cry Me a River – How to Create Character Emotions
  • FREE BONUS VIDEO:  7 Secrets to Deepening your Characters


Regularly $54.96
Starting at $31.99* (pdf. version)

The Sell your Novel Toolkit!
  • The Novel Proposal: How to create an outstanding Proposal
  • Connections: Social Media and Networking Techniques for writers
  • FREE BONUS Video/Audio Class:  Make your Story Matter using Story Stakes!*
Light a fire under your novel and sell it!
Regularly $94.99
Starting at $69.99* (pdf. version)

Can’t decide…and want it all?  Then it’s time to think about really investing in your writing journey with this amazing “Get the entire Sleigh-full” bundle!

  • Get Inside-Out: discover, create and publish the novel in you
  • Deep and Wide: Advanced Fiction Techniques
  • The Book Buddy
  • The Novel Proposal

and EVERY SINGLE audio/video class…as well as more amazing lessons and webinars all year long by the award-willing, multi-published, best-selling novelists of My Book Therapy with your MBT Premium Membership.  Regularly $200/year, get it for $180 year….LIFETIME rate.  (Offer on yearly memberships only.)


Regularly $396.99
Starting at $289.99* (pdf versions)

Social Media Minute—My Social Media Image Cheat Sheet

by Edie Melson

There’s not a lot as frustrating as trying to look at an image on Facebook (or any other network) that’s the wrong size. By the time I blow it up big enough to see it, it’s too blurry. To combat that, here are some exact dimensions to help you avoid that trap, and not just for Facebook.

It’s my Social Media Image Cheat Sheet

This list will give you the specific information you need to upload photos to various social media sites.


Profile Photo:

Pixels: 81 x 81

Maximum file size: 700k

File Type(s): jpeg, png, gif

Header Image:

Pixels: 520 x 260

Maximum file size: not listed

File Type(s): jpeg, png, gif

Custom Background:

Pixels: 1600 x 1200

Maximum file size: not listed

File Type(s): jpeg, png, gif



Cover Photo:

Pixels: 851 x 315

Maximum file size: not listed

File type(s): jpeg, png, gif

Profile Photo:

Pixels: 180 x 180 (will size down to 160 x 160)

Maximum file size: 5mb

File type(s): jpeg, png, gif


Maximum file size: 1024mb

Maximum length: 20 minutes

file type: mp4

Post Photo:

Pixels: 403 x 403

Maximum file size: 5mb

File type(s): jpeg, png, gif


Google Plus                                                     

Cover Photo:

Pixels: 2120 x 1192

Maximum file size: not listed

File type(s): jpeg, png, gif

Profile Photo (also the photo for Blogger account):

Pixels: 250 x 250

Maximum file size: not listed

File type(s): jpeg, png, gif



Profile Photo:

Pixels: 165 x 165

Maximum file size: Pinterest recommends you upload photos with square dimensions that measure 600 x 600 pixels

File type(s): jpeg, png, gif


Pixels: 238 wide, Pinterest will adjust the height automatically

Maximum file size: not listed

File type(s): jpeg, png, gif

Cover Image:

Pixels: 217 x 147

Pixels: 51x 51 (this is they tiny thumbnail found below the cover image

Maximum file size: not listed

File type(s): jpeg, png, gif



Cover Art:

Pixels: Depends on where it’s being viewed from:

Desktop: 2560 x 423

Tablet: 1855 x 423

Mobile 1546 x 423

For best results everywhere, size to mobile!

Maixmum file size: not listed

File type(s): jpeg, png, gif



Profile Photo:

Pixels: 200 x 200, not to exceed 500 x 500

Maximum file size: 4mb

File type(s): jpeg, png, gif

Horizontal Logo:

Pixels: 100 x 60

Maximum file size: not listed

File type(s): jpeg, png, gif

Cover Photo:

Pixels: 646 x 220

Maximum file size: not listed

File type(s): jpeg, png, gif

Remember, if you have any questions leave them in the comments section below!



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How Do We Appreciate You? Let Me Count the Ways!

Thursday night at the Team Member webinar, I ended the broadcast by telling our team members how special they are to us and how we appreciate them. Afterwards, my email inbox filled up with members thanking me, many saying they were brought to tears.

As writers—and human beings—we need to know how much we are appreciated. And what’s more, you’re so important to us, we could tell you every minute of every day from now until eternity and it would still fall short of expressing how much you mean to us.

With that truth in mind, I thought I’d tell you just a snippet of how much we appreciate each of you. As we sit down at the Thanksgiving table and bow our heads, we’ll give thanks for you. Here are just some of the reasons:

You are incredibly gifted and talented. And just rubbing shoulders with you enriches our lives in ways we can’t express.

You have a teachable spirit and for a group of coaches/mentors, that’s a blessing beyond measure.

You are patient and kind. MBT is growing rapidly. With that comes some pains. Yet, you take it all in stride.

You are a dreamer. Not only that but you are pursuing that dream. That’s not only great for us who are going along for the ride, but it will be amazing for your readers when your books are published.

You’re not a quitter. Even through the rejections, the discouraging times and frustrations that inevitably show up on the writer’s road, you keep stringing words together.

You are courageous. It takes a brave person to bare their soul in prose. Your courage strengthens us.

I normally end each Open House and Webinar by saying something like, “you could spend your Thursday night anywhere but we’re honored that you chose to spend it with us.” I really mean that.

You may think that Susan May Warren or Rachel Hauck makes My Book Therapy a success. Not so. It is YOU who makes MBT what it is. We cherish you and thank God each time you come to mind.

It is our honor to serve you and to help you live your dream. Thank you for trusting us to grow your career as a writer. It has been an awesome ride and we look forward to many more years together as we journey together on the writer’s road.

Thank you for being a part of MBT. Thank you for heeding the call of the writer. Thank you for showing up authentically and beautifully YOU. Thank you for giving your mentors at MBT the greatest gift of all: YOU!

May you have a wonderful, safe, fun, love-filled Thanksgiving Holiday. We give thanks for you and your brilliance!